These are some of my favorite links to pages on yoga, horses, dogs, and just general fun. Let me know if you find any of the links no longer functional. That happens.


Go here to sign up for the 2012-2013 Coyote Medicine Retreat in Tucson. Design your stay around the modules including Narrative Medicine and Cherokee Body Work and Horse Yoga.

www.deserthorseinc.com  My friend and collaborator in all things horse, Stacey Kollman's. Content-rich on riding, the biomechanics of riding, riding FOR your horse. Full-on calling it how she sees it.

http://ithappenseverytuesday.wordpress.com/   Art. From my good friend, Charles Kurre.

http://www.hsquaredwellness.com/  My friend and horse-care extraordinaire consultant, Lisa Brunner.

www.rivervalleyranchtucson.com  Home to most of my horse companions-in-yoga-teaching. Here's where we play.

These are online classes with my meditation teacher, Chase Bossart. He teaches in person too. This is yoga continuing education that's accessible and affordable.

www.sweetgrassceremonies.com  My friend, Kristine Benz is a celebrant. Check it out and celebrate.

http://dancinghorse.livejournal.com/315884.html  My friend and writer, Judith Tarr, waxes eloquent about life with The Lipizzans, (yes, those Lipizzans with whom we practice herd yoga).

http://longexhale.com/  My teacher and friend, Robert Birnberg. Want to know about bhavana? He's the guy.

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