Peaceful Yoga with Jenny
First Fall (Aug/Sept) 2014

August Event

Aug 31  3:00-5:00          Bhavana Yin Nidra at  Under One Sun 

September Events

Sept 19  9:30-10:30        Equinox: White Horse Herd Yoga

Sept 28  3:00-5:00          Equinox Bhavana Nidra at  Under One Sun

Under One Sun (Civano, East, Southeast)

  • Peaceful Yoga                       Tues/Thurs 8:30-9:45 am 
  • Peaceful Yin Yoga                 Fri 1-2:15 pm 
The Yoga Tree

Monday 5:30-6:30  Peaceful Yoga: Gentle Hatha
Easeful flow with gentle stays in the vinyasa krama lineage of Sir Desikachar.  Vinyasa is movement, krama is 'in steps'. We move to experience the peaceful strength within our own being, guided by our first and best teacher, our breath.
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm      Peaceful Yoga: Restorative
Bring deep ease into your mind, breath, and body with supported restorative poses, relaxing music or perhaps a bit of poetry, and gentle breath work.
Thursday 7:00-8:15 pm      Peaceful Yoga: Yin Yoga and Meditation
Journey Yinward with accessible forms and easeful transitions to allow you to BE within your evolving form. We practice the vinyasa krama of yin yoga, gradually increasing the length of our releasing stays, gradually increasing intensity through our own wisdom. Thus we prepare our body, mind, and spirit for a short meditation.

Peaceful Yoga for Cancer Warriors

Please Note: This "Sunstone legacy" class is now hosted by Arizona Oncology Foundation and is undergoing a revitalization. Please check back for Day and Time

Gentle yet invigorating, our practice includes breath centered movement, deep relaxation, breath work and meditation. Open to all, whether you are in treatment, in remission, cancer-free, or have a friend or relative undergoing the cancer journey. Our group is warm, welcoming, and happy to be part of your wellness community.

DhYoga (Animal Relationship Yoga)
  • DhYoga: Partnering with your Dog     By appointment
  • Horse Yoga: The Wounded Healer      By appointment
  • WHHY: White Horse Herd Yoga
Horse-Assisted Peaceful Yoga for Healing

For individuals or small groups. Families encouraged. This is the yoga of relationship, of being deep with your breath, of understanding who you are and your place in the world. And sometimes, if the horse(s) think it's a good idea, we might even play with yoga postures with our horse friends. 

White Horse Herd Yoga
Usually third Friday of the month, but this schedule varies. Contact me for more information.

DhYoga Dog
Contact me. Your dog is probably more ready than you know. 

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