Saturday, March 30, 2013

This one is for you

This one is for you
beautiful one
you know who you are

you are not this affliction
this harsh teaching
that reaches deep into your bones

at the root of this
is your own wisdom
that sharp shard of clarity
honed by shadow

your center holds
within the mist
beyond the veil
created in creating

how your fire burns
now slow glowing embers
flames flicker into the dance
a conflagration of consciousness
burning on the shore

the ocean that is your heart
makes waves
now turbulent
now dashing
clawing at the edge of solid spaces
to then lap gently in communion

speak freely with your wise self
tell her all your secrets
you know she knows them anyway

see your light
soft as the dandelion seed in flight
sharp as the thorn of the desert dwellers

you are not this affliction

know you are
this play of light and night
a symphony of silent sound
a resonance
a spaciousness

you know who you are
beautiful one
this one is for you

@jenny kendall, 2013

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  1. A thousand thanks for a timely reminder.