Friday, June 22, 2012

Daisy's Story

Still in the vjnanamaya, that dimension of being that reflects our creative self. This poem from that place, that dimension, is about a real horse-being, one of my earliest horse teachers from the time when I began to remember:

Daisy's Story

When Daisy flips her head
you might think her
      and head-shy
   just a stubborn child's pony
   with wily pony ways. 

You would be mistaken. 

When Daisy flips her head
she is telling you a secret
and yours. 

When Daisy nuzzles your hair
and listen with all of your heart. 

When Daisy touches your hands
and honor that remembering. 

When Daisy flips her head
and look closer. 

What do you see? 

Is it a trick of the desert light?
spiraling impossibly
shimmering with clarity? 

Could it be the horn 
the horn of the unicorn?

Daisy has a story about that
Ask her to tell you. 

And just for fun, Daisy was the original 'bad-ass unicorn'. Daisy has long since passed over the rainbow bridge. But her gifts linger on, inspiring me to continually remember. Namaste Daisy, Namaste.

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