Saturday, September 5, 2009

It doesn't get any easier...

Today is Day 5 - marking the days from when we put our beloved Gilly to permanent sleep.
These passings don't get easier, no matter what I tell myself, no matter what others say. Each passing reminds me once again of all the others; little bitty Rogue, Baraka, Julep, Jasmine, Koda, Tsuki, Circe, Dallas,Sara, Janie, Otto, Ziggy,Midnight, Bob, Sherlock.
Gilly's death was dignified and quiet. The housecall vet, Alan Christo, was quiet and unobtrusive. I held her head, and there was that moment when she relaxed and was once again comfortable, doing what she loved best - sleeping. Om shanti, Gilly, Om shanti to all our animal friends.

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  1. Gilly came home yesterday. I picked up her ashes from the Humane Society. Her remains are heavier than I would have thought. The Humane Society was helpful and compassionate, and this is a great service.